Welcome to Nick and Lidia's 2019 USA Travel Blog! We will be posting some pictures and possibly some videos on our blog every day, but if not every day we will attempt to upload when we can. Enjoy!

If you want to view all of our 2019 New Zealand posts, then click here to go to our first WordPress website. We will port over all of 2019 New Zealand posts to this website when we get a chance.

Below is an outline of our 2019 USA itinerary:
2 nights – Dallas, TX
3 nights – Memphis, TN
3 nights – Nashville, TN
1 night – Cherokee, NC
1 night – Boone, NC
1 night – Roanoke, VA
3 nights – Washington DC
2 nights – Philadelphia, PA
1 night – Atlantic City, NJ
3 nights – Boston, MT
1 night – Syracuse, NY
3 nights – Niagara Falls, ON (Canada)
6 nights – New York, NY

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